Atlanta Pride Comes to Six Flags

Hang out with Atlanta Pride at Out in the Park at Six Flags Over Georgia on Saturday, June 1. Guests will enjoy a day of fun and thrills, as well as an exclusive all-you-can-eat catered buffet, a drag show, and a DJ.

The buffet will include assorted flavors of boneless chicken wings, beef brisket, fresh fruit salad, macaroni salad, ice cream bars, and Coca-Cola Fountain Drinks, as well as a vegetarian option by request. The meal will be set up at the Private Picnic Pavilion across from the SkyScreamer. Those 21 and older can also purchase the Deluxe Package to include unlimited wine  and beer!

Tickets are available here. The Deluxe Package will not be available on the day of the event, so buy now!