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Atlanta Pride Committee Opens Application for Community Grants

In spite of the recent festival cancellation, the Atlanta Pride Committee (APC) has announced a call for applications for their ongoing Community Reinvestment Grants, as well as a brand new initiative, the “Pride in Action Fund.”

“Our ongoing Community Reinvestment Grant Fund and our new Pride in Action Fund help us to identify organizations that are programming and providing services that carry forth our mission,” APC Executive Director, Jamie Fergerson said. “These organizations define the very term ‘grass roots’ — they need support, funding, and resources to help elevate the work they provide for the community.”

“Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Atlanta Pride Festival and Parade provided a place for hundreds of thousands of people to connect with one another and with necessary services from LGBTQ+ serving organizations,” Ferguson continued. “This year’s cancellation of the in-person Atlanta Pride Festival and Parade means that community organizations will need to rethink how they reach community members who need their services, and the Pride in Action Fund endeavors to financially support community organizations in that work.”

Applications for the Pride in Action Fund are due September 15 and successful applications will be funded on September 18.

This year, the Community Reinvestment Grant will also focus on the impact of COVID-19 on an organization and how they are navigating the effects of the ongoing pandemic.. Exceptional applications may receive up to $7,500. Most awards will be between $1,000-$3,000.

The deadline for submission of a Community Reinvestment Grant application will be October 8, and those successful applications will be awarded by December 10.

For a complete overview of the application process for these programs, along with FAQs, eligibility criteria and more, please visit