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Best in the Biz: Boy Next Door Menswear

This month’s LGBTQ business spotlight is on Boy Next Door Menswear. We sat down with co-owner Rocky Carroll to discuss the ins and outs of their business.
When was the business founded and how long have you been in business?
The Boy Next Door was founded in 1980 and operated at the original location near the Botanical Gardens for more than 40 years. We purchased the business and continued in that spot until 2023 when we moved to a larger space on the Rainbow Crosswalk. The planned expansion of the park threatened to displace us, so when we saw the space on Piedmont was available, we snapped it up. Since we moved, our loyal customers report that they love the new location and we are discovering many new customers. We just absolutely love our new location.
Why was the business founded?
Boy Next Door arose from the local, vibrant LGBTQ community, and we always felt connected to it. We felt keeping it locally owned, operating, and part of the community here was important.
How is business now compared to pre-pandemic?
The pandemic was a time for reflection and innovation, and we used that time to make improvements to our operations. We closed for a short while, as required, but stayed busy making improvements that could not have been accomplished while operating the store. We were and are committed to building a better shopping experience, both in-store and online for our loyal customers.
What are the greatest challenges of running your business?
Finding new products is always a challenge. We value quality, originality, and social responsibility from our brands. There are a lot of fun, cheap, online products in the marketplace that create a competitive challenge for us. However, we make sure that the products we offer are ethically sourced and we avoid any that may be cheap due to questionable labor and manufacturing processes. We know all of our designers and have visited many of their factories to make sure it’s something we can support. This also allows us to give feedback so our customers can have direct input into the next collections. We want our customers to be confident that they are wearing the best available!
What are the greatest rewards? 
We cherish our loyal, repeat customers and the relationships we have built over the years. We couldn’t continue to do this without them. Working here and hearing great stories is what makes this worth it! The creative community is a driving force for us, and seeing pictures of everyone’s outfits on their cruises and vacations makes us smile.
Anything you want to share with readers?
Consider participating in our newly launched product modeling campaign! We discovered that the images provided to us simply don’t reflect the diversity of our unique community. So, we have started looking for local product models. We are reshooting many images to showcase the excitement and diversity of Atlanta!
Our website is in constant development. You can see new arrivals under the “New” tab. For discounts and new arrivals, join our loyalty program. Connect with us on Instagram and Facebook @BoyNextDoorMenswear. We would love to see YOU!
Boy Next Door Menswear
1000 Piedmont Ave Suite A, Atlanta
(404) 873-2664