Congratulations, You’re Hired!: Top Companies for Women and Trans Employees

While downloading your consciousness into a featureless droid and going to work with other featureless droids could be a good way to deter racism, sexism, ableism, and the like in the workplace, the option removes a certain dynamic component of self-expression, passion, and creativity that’s necessary for optimum work performance and engagement. Because gender can sometimes trigger a cascade of unnecessary (and downright foolish) hurdles in the professional realm, it’s a relief to know that some companies make it a point to create stress-free work environments for women and trans employees. Here’s a quick rundown of five companies for each category.


For Trans Employees

Thanks to the company’s queer employee resources group, AT&T Inc. rolled out transgender work guidelines in 2010. Besides health benefits for transgender employees, the company also offers support for those who wish to transition while working at AT&T.

McKesson Corporation, a healthcare and pharmaceutical company, has a queer and straight ally employee group that works with management to create a work environment in which all employees have a voice and are respected. Even the HRC Foundation has recognized the organization’s efforts.

Workers who are part of Employee Resource Groups, focused on diversity and inclusivity in the professional realm, have received support from Ford Motor Co. The automaker provides transgender-inclusive employee benefits.

In 2014, CVS Health Corporation began offering medically necessary health benefits for transgender employees, which includes treatment for transitioning. One thing that stands out about Chevron Corporation on this list is that the company was way ahead of the game when it comes to fostering a safe and inclusive workplace for transgender employees. In 2005, the energy corporation released a workplace guide that educated employees on what it means to be transgender, proper terms for a transgender person, and how to offer support for trans coworkers. The report even touched on allowing transitioning employees to use the bathroom that matched their gender identity.


For Women Employees

Iowa-based Principal Financial Group is touted for having a workforce that’s almost 60 percent women. The insurance and investment management firm offers prenatal care programs, women’s leadership networks, and onsite childcare. The company looks over pay practices every year, allowing employees to share their thoughts on the matter through an anonymous hotline.

Academic medical center Penn Medicine provides professional development for women to help them advance to leadership roles. The center’s workforce is made up of roughly 80 percent of women, who also make up 55 percent of Penn Medicine’s executive positions.

Approximately 80 percent of Hallmark’s workforce is women. Besides 40 percent of the greeting card company’s senior management being made up of women, the organization also has a women’s network. Expectant mothers have their own parking spaces and access to nursing rooms.

As of 2018, IBM offers a minimum of 20 weeks for maternity leave, and the company also gained recognition as being one of the leading workplaces for women of color. The information technology company focuses on cultivating women tech leaders and executive development courses for women.

Almost 80 percent of women at Johnson and Johnson say that the company offers excellent work-life hours and policies. If necessary, employees can telecommute and take advantage of other flexible scheduling opportunities.