Fashion Fixes without Breaking the Bank

Places like Rag-O-Rama or Plato’s Closet are perfect spots to grab those bargain items, but other places could break your bank. As you’re shopping for a new spring wardrobe, keep the following tips in mind. Otherwise, your praise break can come to an abrupt and unholy end when you realize how much you spent. Jesus, take the financial wheel.

Quality Trumps Looks

As you work your way through the racks (or pages, if you shop online), do yourself a favor and focus just as much on the quality of the clothes that catch your eye as you do their appearance. Yeah, that shirt or blouse may look fantastic on you, but it may also start to show signs of wear after just a few months.

On the other hand, a more expensive article of clothing could last for years and years and years. You spend more money up front, sure, but you save on the cost of stitching up or outright replacing a lower quality article of clothing.

Sell Your Old Clothes

Let’s pump the brakes a sec before you sprint off to shop for new clothes. Take a long gander through your closet and dresser. Do you still want/wear every single Item you see? If not, consider selling those unwanted items before you buy new pieces for your wardrobe. Remember the shops we mentioned above like Rag-O-Rama or Plato’s Closet? The money you make from selling your old clothes can become money you spend on new clothes.

That way, you don’t have to adjust your budget or make financial sacrifices for the sake of fashion. Another benefit of selling unwanted clothes is that you free up closet and drawer space, keeping your space from feeling cluttered.

Shop With a Purpose

Just like it’s a good idea to shop for groceries with intention rather than when you’re hungry and want to put nearly everything you see in your cart, the same principle applies when shopping for clothes. What that means is that you shouldn’t mindlessly shop for clothes, picking up every item that catches your eye. Instead, look at your wardrobe (after you’ve gotten rid of unwanted items) and take note of what’s missing, such as a light jacket, dark denim jeans, or a casual long-sleeved shirt. Note those items and only shop for those items. That way, you don’t buy an island of clothes only to get home and feel like you didn’t buy anything you really needed.

You don’t have to be fashion rich but money poor this spring. Challenge yourself so that your bank account looks just as damn good as you do, no matter the season.