Mr. Atlanta Eagle Chandler Bearden: Leather, tattoos and life with HIV


Atlanta Eagle’s 24th anniversary and Atlanta Leather Pride

Friday and Saturday, April 1-2

Friday: Black and Blue Ball, Meet and greet with Mr. Atlanta Eagle 2011 contestants, Onyx club night and DJ Nat spinning

Saturday: $5 cookout and beer bust from 3-5 p.m., Panthers club night, Mr. Atlanta Eagle contest begins at 8:30 p.m.

Sunday: Leather Brunch

Noon, at Sauced

753 Edgewood Ave

Atlanta, GA

Atlanta Eagle
306 Ponce de Leon Ave.
Atlanta, GA 30308

What do you love most about being involved in the leather community? I love the ability to be myself with no fear of judgment about the lifestyle I lead. Compartmentalization of an individual’s personality can lead to fractured esteem — this should never be the case no matter how you live your life. Everyone should be as complete as possible at all times.

What words of advice do you have for the new Mr. Atlanta Eagle? As I said in my speech at International Mr. Leather, “I stand before you as the most authentic representation of myself as a leatherman.” This is what I wish for the new Mr. Atlanta Eagle to be able to do.

What’s the favorite tattoo you have and what does it mean? My favorite tattoo is still in progress. It’s a representation of passage into the Egyptian afterlife. It is that moment where it is believed one can become united with all life and death to become a part of all creation.  It’s being worked on by Jenny at Timeless Tattoo.

Is there a difference between pleasure and pain? What is it? Yes and no.  Finding that difference is a journey taken on each time I enter a scene.

What’s been your favorite thing as Mr. Atlanta Eagle? Becoming a part of the IML Brotherhood.  It’s been one of the most touching things I’ve experienced in my life.

How old were you when you came out? Who was your first same-sex kiss with? Officially? I came out in Atlanta at the age of 16 … Unofficially I was kissing boys at 14 back in Gray, Ga. His name was Sedrick.

Describe your dream wedding. Simple. Outdoors. Pagan. (Followed by a private, intimate ceremony in a much darker venue).

If you could choose your last meal, what would it be? Fried chicken and hot sauce.

What would you like the title of your autobiography to be? Strange, I’m actually writing this … the title still eludes me.

What was your last Facebook status update? Had a great time at Royksopp last night with the gang…

How many piercings do you have? 12.


Top photo: Mr. Atlanta Eagle 2010 Chandler Bearden (left) with 2009 Mr. Atlanta Eagle Alan Penrod (by Dyana Bagby)