Possum Power: 13 reasons to attend this year’s East Point Possums show

The annual East Point Possums show on June 14 is perhaps the largest event held during Atlanta Pride’s Stonewall Month of activities. Showcasing “bad drag for a good cause,” dozens of drag artists and performers donate their time and tips to Lost-N-Found Youth, an organization started by the founders of the Possums to help get LGBT homeless youth off the streets.

Held in downtown East Point on the Commons, the show is considered “The Southeast’s Largest Drag Extravaganza” and will feature more than 20 acts. Grab your lawn chairs and prepare to give generously—the show can raise $20,000 in one night. This year’s show is on Saturday, June 14, with the show beginning at 8 p.m. Get there early if you want a good seat, though. The place packs up pretty quickly.

1. It’s a family affair. And your infant will learn more about drag in one night than you did by the time you were 30.

1-2013-family friendly


2. Meet a new friend, or several hundred.

2-2013-Hundreds and hundreds of your closest friends will be there

 3. Production numbers worthy of Broadway. Ahem.

3-2012-production numbers worthy of broadway

 4. Atlanta Bucks players in wigs and purple underwear.

4-2013-Atlanta Bucks in purple underwear

 5. Two words: Possum Punch.


5-2012-two words possum punch

6. Seriously, all money raised goes toward a good cause—Lost-N-Found, an organization working to get LGBT homeless off the streets and into permanent housing.

6-2013-all for a good cause

7. The show is so bright you’ll have to wear shades.

7-2013-the show is so bright you have to wear shades


8. We have a feeling there will be some great celebrity impersonations.

8-2011-celebrity impersonations


9. Shameless eye candy.

9-2012-shameless eye candy


10. Respected city and LGBT leaders let their hair down, quite literally. Here’s Jeff Graham, executive director of Georgia Equality, channeling his alter-ego, Lola Lorraine.

10-2012-jeff graham as lola lorraine

11. Unfortunately, hygiene tips will not be useful at this event.

11-2012-hygeine tips

12. So much fun is had, it quite literally sticks on you.


12-2013-sticks on you

13. Shenitta Lott, Prissy Cilla and Dina Daintymouth work all year to keep the FUN in fundraising!

13-2012-shenitta lott, etc