Senior Citizens NOT Discounted

A new program at GSU allows tuition-free education for seniors who never got a chance at education.
Due to the age of technology we live in, school systems have progressed into a more efficient state than that of previous years. With the development of programs such as online classes, the element of convenience has been integrated into the education experience worldwide. And as the disbursement of financial aid funds has increased over the years, more and more impoverished students are able to gain access to a quality education as well. 
As millennials, we have it so well in this new age that we tend to forget the struggles that generations before us had to endure just to receive an education, the sacrifices that were made in the past in order to carve out vibrant futures for upcoming generations. Veterans who chose war over scholarship, the impoverished who had no choice but to work instead of going to school, African Americans who were fed hatred instead of knowledge, the physically disabled who simply could not make the daily trips to school, and the young parents who chose their toddlers over tuition. 
For these folks, however, it’s not too late. Now, there is a promising program at Georgia State University that aims to give these individuals, many who are now senior citizens, a second chance at secondary education. 
GSU-62 is a college program that allows senior citizens, aged 62 and older, to either resume, continue, or begin a college education free of tuition! The requirements for entry are fairly simple and include being accepted into GSU, providing proof of identification, verification of citizenship, and submission of former school transcripts (if applicable). The tuition waiver itself is granted on a space-available basis (first come, first serve) but once one is accepted into the program, working toward a college degree will offer both diversity and convenience as students are able to select their classes from a wide range of subjects and are given the option to take online classes as well. One unique aspect of this program is that it allows students to take classes either for credit or audit, meaning that students can choose between taking classes for the purpose of earning a degree or taking a class simply for fun and/or interest in the subject. Students are able to complete their degree at their own pace and are given the freedom to choose their own educational pathway.
While many may feel it’s too late in their lives to go back to school, this program encourages those who have made such sacrifices to now indulge in the learning they were unable to experience. As the hassle of tuition is eliminated, going back to school is transformed into a carefree action of scholarship. If you are a senior citizen who is interested, reach out to Georgia State University! Dreams are not meant to be retired, and ambition never ages.