Pets: Find your new family member

Dallas the catDallas

Dallas is a cool kitten now, but he and his sister had a rough start. A lady went to a river in North Georgia and found four kittens about 4-5 weeks old. They were alone; no mother could be found. The babies found shelter in the remains of a fallen tree and were covered in fleas and ticks. These precious babies were starved and dehydrated. Dallas is about 12 weeks old now and full of fun and vigor!

Reba and JackReba & Jack

Reba is a sweet, laid back little girl with just the right amount of sass, while Jack is one of the sweetest puppies ever. Their mother, Kaiti, is a purebred yellow lab who was found heavily pregnant wandering the streets of Atlanta. She had nine puppies in foster care; Reba and Jack are the only two that haven’t been adopted.

Libby the CatLibby

Meet Libby, who is about three years old. She will be the perfect pet for someone as she has tons of personality. Libby’s former owners wanted to euthanize because they didn’t want to care for her. She has green eyes and likes to make eye contact with her human friends. Libby is so laid back that we can let her out of the adoption center and she will walk down the aisles of Petsmart (under supervision of course). Everyone laughs when they see her taking a leisurely stroll. She gets along with cats and dogs as long as they don’t harass her.

Genie the dogGenie

Genie is a Husky mix rescued from a high-kill shelter in Atlanta. She was confused and sad in the shelter but has since adjusted well. Genie loves people, but she needs to be an only pet (no kitties or other dogs). She would thrive as part of an active, social family. Genie has plenty of youthful energy, and we think she is 5-6 years old. Genie thinks, “The more people the merrier,” so with her excellent house manners, she’d be the perfect canine hostess for parties and backyard barbeques.

For more information on these and other pets, including adoption fees and applications, please contact the Georgia Humane Society at 770-314-7302 or

If you adopt one of these pets, please email and let us share your story!