Georgia Voice readers weigh in on their most unforgettable romantic nights

A weekend at the Marriott Marquis. Glassblowing Christmas ornaments in Decatur. Lounging in a hot tub in Ellijay. A first kiss at Outwrite. These are just some of the memories Georgia Voice readers recalled when we asked you on social media to tell us your most romantic, unforgettable dates in the Peach State.

“It was in autumn last year, I was walking through my neighborhood, Jefferson Park. I kept thinking about how lucky I was to be there and to have made so many friends. I already liked the area, but that day I think I fell deeper in love with Jefferson Park. I hope we’re together for a very long time.”
-Dale Jackson

“Last year we went to Decatur Glassblowing together and made our own Christmas ornaments. It was fun, and scary – in that way where you face something scary together and come out stronger. I loved it.”
-Amanda Styles

“I have three romantic places that I have experienced in the last two years.
1. Spending the weekend in the executive suites at the Marriott Marquis Downtown Atlanta.
2. Sitting in the hot tub in a cute little cabin in Ellijay with my wife.
3. A beautiful elegant bed and breakfast in Dahlonega. Being treated like queens!!!”
-Peggy Ann Cannella

“Dad’s Garage Theater had a benefit at The Fox with celebrity guests from several TV shows, including a special short ‘Archer’ bit from Floyd County Productions (several ‘Archer’ actors are Dad’s Garage alums), and, most exciting to me, Colin Mochrie. That was my first date with my current partner of a year-and-a-half, and it’s even more meaningful to look back on this week, with Colin Mochrie embracing his trans daughter in the press.”
-Eleanor Burden

“My husband (then fiancé) and I went to see Cher at Philips Arena three years ago. What an experience! The music was outstanding, the show was amazing and the crowd was on fire! We thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the concert, the time together and the camaraderie of the crowd in the arena that night. Even on the MARTA ride back to our car, people were still glowing from the experience. The train was packed … literally wall-to-wall people. I do not do well with crowds at all, but even that was not enough to put a damper on the experience. I’m sure this memory will stand out in my mind forever, right up there next to the day we joined with friends and family at our church and said, ‘I do.’”
-Mark Thomas Broomfield-Ranney

“We sat in the car at Ansley Mall and put electrical tape rings on because we couldn’t afford rings at the jewelry store … 30 years ago.”
-Kelly Robinson

“Outwrite Bookstore was the place for the younger generation to mingle or meet up with an unsuspecting older gentleman. Back then it wasn’t about the bedroom, it was about holding a meaningful conversation with someone who already came out and was living an open life. I learned so much going to Outwrite and eventually was invited back to where I had met a great guy on the patio. We had a stroll through the aisles and had our first kiss where we had met. There has never been a shortage of romantic places in Midtown Atlanta. I am still as much in love with the energy of gay town as I ever was. Much love!”
-Sam Acker

“Cafe Alsace in Decatur! It was the site of my engagement, then dinner after we eloped.”
-Terri Dotty Bailey