Get Away Resort-Style

Cabins are associated with a broad spectrum of matters, some fictitious and the others being unfortunate events. There is the romanticized transcendentalism take, where you are relieved of your everyday anxieties – becoming more acquainted with the phenomena of existing. You find bliss in isolation and using your sensory to determine where they are in the present. This is how Bon Iver wrote his debut masterpiece, “For Emma, Forever Ago.” Then there is the C-list horror film, “Cabin Fever,” where nature happens to give a group of friends a rash that just so happens to kill them. Or the travelers who are unaware of the inbred family who has fast-forwarded in the evolution process when it comes to strength and their wood smarts. But The Hills Don’t Have Eyes in Georgia, just West Virginia. In most cases, people need a getaway – nothing cathartic or dreamy, just a few days to recuperate and reconnect with sanity after the incessant months of endless firm handshakes, impetuous nods, and sore facial muscles.

The same goes for the beaches, to see the aqua-colored water, smell the acrid fumes, and hear the waves hitting the shore is a form of thoughtless meditation. Here, in the Southeast, we generally don’t have to worry about the weather being an issue because we are exposed to feverish temperatures; it’s all about the change of scenery. The hustle and bustle of the city, along with being subjected to constant judgment, takes a toll on everyone’s mental and physical.

The LGBTQ community may wonder where to begin. We are all aware of how spotty the South can be when it comes to the acceptance of love. Air B&B does have some accommodations, but the choices are slim picking. Thankfully, there are great options with the help of the internet. One way to find a place is to use the search engine called Mister B&B. Mister B&B is the internet’s primary host when it comes to catering lodges for the LGBTQ community. Yes, it’s the gay Air B&B. The network provides temporary rooms, apartments, hotels, or even entire homes that reassure a friendly environment. The locations vary, but this is the place to go if you’re looking for that Jersey Shore styled house to drink fine wine in.

As far as exclusive communities, Georgia’s most well-known is undoubtedly The River’s Edge in Dewy Rose, Georgia. It is about two hours east of Atlanta. The camping ground does require a private membership. However, it is clothing optional. This getaway certainly offers more than your standard mom-and-pop cabin resort because mom and pop are generally dressed like they’re heading to church. Meeting others here is a guarantee. What’s different is that they’ll probably introduce themselves naked. The location wants to embrace one’s true identity, making you more comfortable in your skin, and letting others as well. It’s not for the prude. The River’s Edge offers tent, RV, and cabin rentals.

The River’s Edge isn’t alone, though. Another clothing-optional resort is in Georgia is called In The Woods. It’s located in the Northeast on the Piedmont hills. In The Woods offer trails that have cinematic views, a heated swimming pool, and nearby amenities so that you can take advantage of your leisure. They even have a Wal-Mart nearby; sadly, you have to be dressed.

The Parliament Resort in Augusta, Georgia, is more of a pool-party-based environment, offering a variety of hotel rooms, scheduled parties, and a thriving nightlife that is centered around two nightclubs near the resort. This is a place where you won’t be spending too much of your time in your room if the website’s pictures ring true.

And then there is The Oz Campground. The Oz offers the commodities that both The River’s Edge and The Parliament Resort have – combining the rustic cabin setting with the sunbathing pool life, a hot tub, a dog park for Todd to play in, and a nightclub so that the party can continue.

Interestingly enough, the remote location of Blue Ridge, Georgia has become one of the country’s most gay-friendly cities in the nation, according to the AJC. Blue Ridge is a mountain town, one that could be mistaken for the setting of “Deliverance.” The dated stereotypes of the LGBTQ community being too fragile to be in nature are fading away. These options are available year-round, so take advantage of them. Atlanta’s party scene is phenomenal, but treat yourself and get naked in public without receiving a citation.