Goody Bags For You, and You, and You: Essentials For Your Pride Guests

What I love most about any Pride celebration in the city I live in, is welcoming my guests to town with a special little goody bag specifically made for their weekend adventures. I’m such a giver that I get carried away sometimes, and it happened for this Pride … my first Atlanta Pride! We have seven guests staying with us in our two-bedroom apartment in West Midtown, but the more the merrier, right?! Now, this isn’t just for Pride weekends, this could be for any special occasion where friends are visiting from out of town. I tend to take the focus of the weekend and then create a goody bag that caters to those specific activities.

For example, this weekend my friends, husband, and I will be attending several circuit and house parties full of hot men and lots of dancing! You get the picture! So, I created a goody bag that gives them the essentials they’ll need while at those events! To start, I’ve used fanny packs to carry all of these goodies (they’re coming back into style, so it’s a must-have for Pride celebrations or any events at that!).

Hand Sanitizer

It sounds pretty simple, but we all know that the hustle and bustle of a busy weekend leaves little room to sanitize properly, especially when hot, sweaty men are involved! Wherever your hands go, make sure you sanitize right after!

Chewing Gum

Bad breath is the quickest way to get turned away by pretty much anyone, so I am always equipped with gum at any event I go to. One piece lasts hours, ensuring your makeout sessions or quick friendly kisses turn out with smiles inside of nasty grins!


We all love a sweet and tangy snack while out on the town or dancing away under the lights, so I always choose some of my favorite candies: gummy bears, sweet tarts, blow pops, Tootsie pops, dum dums, and sometimes even chocolate (even though it melts when it’s hot).

Pride Accessories

This year I chose bandanas and sunglasses, both rainbow-colored. It gives my guests an option to rock their Pride when they want, and with bandanas, there are so many ways to wear it, you can switch up looks in a heartbeat (plus it catches sweat easily!)

VICKS Inhaler

These bad boys are a godsend especially when you have bad sinuses like mine. A quick sniff in both nostrils and you’re breathing a lot easier. Unclogging your sinuses will allow you to enjoy the events even more!


This means anything from 5 Hour Energy shots to scoops of pre-workout. I choose Gatorade energy chews for year’s goody bag. Now, they’re not like Adderall but the trick is to boost your energy while at these events because the heat will certainly drain you! The more energy, the longer you’ll party!


Last but not least, everyone needs some type of lubrication, especially on pride weekends. I’ve got a great brand of lube called Spunk, and it comes in mini bottles perfect for your fanny pack or to slide into your socks. Never leave home without it because you never know when the time comes for some intimate fun!