Here’s Your Travel Chill Pill

So, you’ve locked in your plane tickets, transportation, and travel itinerary, and have found someone to watch your pets and water your plants while you’re gone. The hard part about traveling is all taken care of, right? But if you have a hard time getting comfortable in a plane or car as you head to your final destination, then you’ve still got one more hurdle to cross. To help make traveling more enjoyable, here are a few tips aimed at helping you relax.

Recognize What Unnerves You

No one knows what makes you tense up whilst traveling as you do. Before the day you head out, sit down and think about what’s likely to keep you from being fully relaxed and at ease. Perhaps it’s the long security line at the airport, or maybe you’re afraid you’ll sit on the plane next to someone who simply will. Not. Shut. Up. Write down your concerns, then note a few solutions for each one. For instance, check security wait times online the day of your flight to determine whether you need to leave early. As for talkative neighbors, the combination of headphones and a book can do wonders for making it abundantly clear that you’re in your own world and not open to conversation. Trust me, I know from experience.

Bring a Comfortable Pillow

To help you chill out and arrive rested and refreshed at your final travel destination, invest in a quality travel pillow. It’s best to opt for a pillow made specifically for traveling, so it’s easy to carry around and won’t give you trouble in airport security lines. Look for something that provides comfort for your neck, spine, and head.

Try CBD Oil

CBD oil is touted for its ability to ease anxiety and stress, mainly by restoring balance to your endocannabinoid system and cannabinoids naturally produced in the human brain. CBD oil could be perfect to help you relax while on the road or in the air. Do some research into the most reputable CBD oils to find a selection you feel that works best for you.

If you plan on taking your oil with you on the plane, put it in your carry-on bag instead of your checked bag, and don’t try to purposefully hide it from TSA. Be sure the oil is derived from hemp (which won’t get you high) instead of cannabis and that it has a THC level less than .3 percent. Having documentation proving this is a good idea, as is storing your oil in a separate resealable storage bag.

Utilize the Power of Music

If you’re anything like me, chill music from the likes of Break Reform, Zero 7, and Samantha James instantly transports you to a world of peace and tranquility. Check out some lounge and ambient music playlists to help you float away into the star-speckled depths of the ever-expanding universe. If traveling on a plane, make sure you download to your music playlist before you switch over to airplane mode. If not, you’ll be left listening to crying babies, crunching peanut bags and snoring passengers.

Wear Comfortable Clothes

As you’re packing for your trip, decide what you’ll wear once you’re in the car or on the plane. Just like you know what gives you anxiety, you know whether you usually run hot or cold in tight spaces. Pack a jacket in case the air is blasting on the plane, and wear breathable clothes in case the car is stuffy or the plane lingers on the runway with the air off. Wearing comfortable shoes is another good idea, both for your feet and so it’s easier to quickly slip them on and off in the security line. On a related note, please make sure you shower, brush your teeth, scrub your tongue, and slap on some deodorant, no matter the form of transportation you take. Noise-canceling headphones, books, and CBD oil can’t block out body funk or bad breath. Everyone around you will appreciate your efforts.