Housewarming Gifts on a Budget

Moving into a new home can be both an exciting and nerve-wracking experience. It’s hard to let go of what’s familiar and hop into something new. It’s even harder having to move all your furniture from one place to the next. Whether you’re the friend helping unpack boxes or the one that simply shows up to the post-moving party, it’s important to support your friend in this stressful process. That’s why it’s important to reward your moving-friend with a nice gift to make their new place feel like home. It can be hard to find the right housewarming gift, and especially hard to find the right, inexpensive housewarming gift. Here are a few, simple gifts that could help to upgrade your friend’s place from a house to home while keeping you from breaking the bank.



Welcome your LGBTQ neighbors to the neighborhood with a splash of rainbow. Brushstrokes offers a wide variety of flags perfect for your neighbor’s front porch including Bear Pride, Leather Pride, Bisexual, Human Rights Campaign, and more. The novelty store also offers different home items to give your neighbors a unique take on LGBTQ-oriented decor.


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Table Reads

Coffee table books should capture your guests attention instantly, so grab a unique read for your new neighbor at Charis Books and More. From gay and lesbian erotica to LGBTQ non-fiction, and New York Times Best Sellers, there’s a book for every room in your neighbors home. For gay couples, Tom of Finland is always a popular pick along with any type of male erotic picture books. For lesbian couples, grab the Lesbian Film Guide for all the details on big screen actresses.


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Coffee Mugs

It’s a popular gift for a reason! Even if you don’t drink coffee, a new mug is still a great and inexpensive gift, and there’s a great selection at The Merchant Atlanta, a local shop that can be found only in the Georgia capital. If you know your friend is a hipster that enjoys a good cup of coffee, tea, or just drinking, then a mug is a perfect gift and Merchant Atlanta is the perfect place to get it.


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Custom Coasters

No one really thinks about coasters until they’ve moved into an apartment or house of their own. Seeing those rings a cup leaves behind on the table can be a pet peeve, and it can be especially frustrating when it stains. Buy your friend some coasters fabulous gay coasters with rainbow flags or their favorites iconic celebrity on them! You can find them in a variety of stores, and there are some cute ones to be found in the local pop-up shop Crafted Westside, which sells coasters custom to Atlanta and the city’s culture.


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A common gift, but like mugs, it’s a popular gift for a reason. It’s always nice to light a candle in a new house and let the scent fill the halls. It’s a simple gift that can really change a place’s atmosphere. There’s a great variety of candle scent options, and they’re not expensive so you can buy more than one if your friend is a candle lover. Plus, if you can find a scent that you know they like, the gift seems even more touching and thoughtful.


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You don’t have to go to an art gallery to find a cute picture for your friend to put up on their wall. You can simply go to a local boutique, like Paris on Ponce, and find cute signs or paintings for your friend to hang up on their wall. Whether it’s art or a quirky quote, a painting or sign to place in the house can make all the difference in a house’s tone. They can be used to illustrate a little bit of your friend’s personality or remind them of their old place. Regardless, it’s a great gift to share and helps contribute to the new home decor.


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