‘Let Black Fxlk Be’ Queer Art Exhibit On Display at The Bakery Atlanta

Let Black Fxlk Be, an exhibit of diverse works from local queer artists celebrating Black love, friendship, community, and identity, is on display now at The Bakery Atlanta.

The series of work from local queer artists including Chiomma Hall, The Color Cienna, Talecia Tucker, and more seeks to create vulnerable representations of blackness through various mediums, including watercolor paintings, illustration, and film photography. Each piece represents the experience, identity, and growth of each artists as they reflect on what it means to be queer and Black in the South.

Ginkgo Girls by Chiomma Hall

“This show, as countless others have proven, and as we as black people will continue to prove, is that black folks don’t need permission to be beautiful,” Nicholas Goodly writes of the event for Wussy. “Queer people don’t need permission to see ourselves rendered as art. We make it happen.”

The exhibit is on display at The Bakery (825 Warner St) until March 5 (Monday through Friday 12-4pm). There will be a workshop and artist talk hosted tomorrow, March 1, from 2-4pm.