My Transgender Date founders Cyril Mazur and Maki Gingoyon.

My Transgender Date Launches App

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A decade has passed since the founding of My Transgender Date and the website has not just thrived, it has become the #1 dating site for trans women. The popular trans dating site has taken another leap forward by introducing its very own dating app.

My Transgender Date’s Successful Journey

My Transgender Date started as a passion project by French web entrepreneur Cyril Mazur and Filipina trans woman and beauty queen Maki Gingoyon. Mazur and Gingoyon realized back then that there was a need for a decent and safe space for trans dating. With their passion and skills, they came up with My Transgender Date in 2013.

(Cyril and Maki)

They started out with just the two of them working on the site. But fast forward to today, the site is managed by a team predominantly comprised of trans women working in moderation, media, and marketing.

Their team is what sets them apart from other trans dating sites. Because of their firsthand experiences with trans dating, they are able to identify and cater to the needs of trans women who want to be in serious relationships. Their unwavering commitment to their trans sisters has earned them the title of the #1 dating site for trans women.

My Transgender Date Launches their App

In a recent and exciting development, My Transgender Date is introducing its very own dating app. This app seamlessly integrates with the website’s extensive database, granting members the freedom to connect and engage wherever they are.

Much like the My Transgender Date website, the app has a welcoming community where transgender women can connect with trans-oriented men who admire and appreciate them. The app has a great chat system backed by a 24/7 moderation team that ensures interactions between members remain pleasant and respectful.

The same team responsible for the website also created the app which guarantees consistency and a high-quality experience on both platforms. Currently available for download on both Android and iOS devices, My Transgender Date will continue to enhance its services by innovating and adding new features.

My Transgender Date Goes Beyond Matchmaking

My Transgender Date wants to extend its services by going above and beyond for the betterment of the trans community. Over the years, the team has been actively involved in creating content in the form of educational videos, informative blogs, and various other resources for trans people.

(Part of My Transgender Date Team with Maki)

This dedication to providing a much more inclusive space for everyone has solidified their role as pioneers in the transgender online dating experience. My Transgender Date continues on its mission to create a world where love knows no boundaries.