East Point Possums raise $5,000 for Rush Center

“It has always been important to us that the show remain free to everyone. Not everyone can afford the galas and benefits that happen in our great city. We want to make sure that anyone can come to the show, have a good time, celebrate Stonewall, and experience the magic that is the East Point Possums show” he added. “It is really hard to describe the energy that flows through that grassy little plain every third Saturday in June, you just have to experience it for yourself and then bring others along for the ride the next year.”

Westbrook added the show brought in a total of $20,180 with expenses being just over $15,000, which means the Rush Center will receive a check for $5,000.

The Phillip Rush Center is a partnership between the The Health Initiative and Georgia Equality to provide a central gathering place for LGBT organizations.

Check out our photo gallery of the Possums show here. You can also read a wrap up of the event here and watch the “Hot Minute” live from show below.