Dogs are a man's best friend, there are new cat videos being uploaded to YouTube every day — and are there ever enough Instagram photos of pets?

But behind all the "oohing" and "awwwing" of these cute pets, there are those who need help to take care of them in great times of need.

Enter Pets Are Loving Support, the nonprofit agency that helps those with HIV/AIDS and other critically ill people as well as senior citizens keep their beloved pets by covering costs such as vet visits and flea medication.

Pets Are Loving Support loses $35,000 grant, seeks donations

But now it is PALS that is needing help. The non-profit organization founded in 1990 is facing a financial crisis after learning this month it would not be receiving a $35,000 grant that it has received for several years.

A recent posting on Facebook said the non-profit organization is seeking private donations to make up for the loss of the grant.

“The grant we lost was the Forrest Lattner Grant and it was used to help cover the medical expenses of neuters, shots and exams, Heartgard and monthly flea preventative for our clients’ pets,” said Kevin Bryant, executive director of PALS.

PALS was founded two decades ago to help those with AIDS keep their pets by paying for such things as vet costs and pet food as clients were forced to quit jobs and spend money on medications and other living expenses. In later years, the organization expanded to help those with other severe illnesses as well as the elderly.

Cuts would have to be made to PALS client services to compensate for the $35,000 loss, but Bryant said he and the organization’s board was not sure what cuts. Currently, the organization is helping some 500 pets.

“Our annual operating budget is around $139,000.  We have around 400 to 500 pets that we care for on a monthly basis and the other needs is always food,” Bryant said.  

Contributions can me mailed to: 2115 Liddell Drive NE, Atlanta, GA 30324 or credit card donations can be made on

A regular fundraiser for PALS is monthly bingo at Jungle. The next event is Leather Night Bingo on Jan. 9.