Queer radicals to ‘GlitterBomb’ May Day rally at Ga. Capitol

“Queers are an integral part of the workers rights movement — we must return to true gay liberation and recognize community struggles through inclusivity. GlitterBomb! says that because queers are denied rights not limited to unjust employment discrimination and termination, but we are a crucial part of all movements that challenge all hegemonic structures,” the release states.

The May Day rally is organized by the Georgia Latino Alliance for Human Rights followed by a May Day Festival at Coan Park.

“GlitterBomb! is proud to provide queer visibility at this rally working towards the fulfilling the need for queer solidarity across all intersections of marginalization,” the release states.

As part of the festival at Coan park, GlitterBomb! participants will conduct a workshop on “how homophobia affects the radical leftist movement.”

“Through grassroots education we aim to spread the queer gospel of intersectionality, queer visibility, and recognizing the importance of queer solidarity,” according to the release.

May Day rally
11 a.m.
Georgia Capitol

May Day Festival
4-10 p.m.
Coan Park
1530 Woodbine Ave. SW
Atlanta, GA