[Video] ‘My Life’ speaks to masculine identified lesbians about women’s health

“This is about reminding our community that we have to take care of ourselves,” Moore added.

For example, masculine identified women who often identify as “studs” or “aggressives” are not impressed with pink ribbons used in messaging to attract women to get breast exams. Also, studs may bind and do not like the word “breasts” uses for them and instead prefer the phrase “chest exam.”

Linda Ellis, executive director of the Health Initiative, said it is important to reach this audience in a way that makes them feel comfortable.

“These women often struggle to feel comfortable going to the doctor and getting these screenings. As a result, they sometimes ignore breast or cervical health concerns until they become serious medical issues. We see the creation of this PSA as part of our grassroots effort of starting to break down those walls,” Ellis said in a statement.

The Legacy Grant from the Morehouse School of Medicine made the “My Life” PSA possible.