Our Holiday Guide is stuffed with great ideas for gifts

With the holidays fast approaching, GA Voice compiles some of our top picks for gift-giving for the season or all year round. You might even snag something for yourself.

Local retailers featured in this issue are:

Heliotrope, 248 W. Ponce de Leon Ave., Decatur, GA 30030, www.heliotropehome.com

Charis Books and More, 1185 Euclid Ave., Atlanta, GA 30307, www.charisbooksandmore.com

The Cook’s Warehouse at Ansley, 1544 Piedmont Road, Atlanta, GA 30324, with locations in East Cobb, Decatur and Brookhaven. www.cookswarehouse.com

Brushstrokes, 1510-J Piedmont Ave. NE, Atlanta, GA 30324, www.brushstrokes.us

Atlanta Water Gardens, 2165 Cheshire Bridge Road, Atlanta, GA 30324, www.atlantawatergardens.com

Holiday Entertaining


For your inner bear

Bear shot glass set

In a recent poll by the mobile app Growlr, Atlanta was chosen as the top city out of 45 with the most bearish gay population. That means you’ll be lost without this four-piece set of bear shot glasses when you have your favorite furry buddies over for a drink or two. Down the hatch! $12. Available at Brushstrokes.


The South’s gonna rise again

Rednek Beer Mug

And you can raise your mug to the best example of the new south: Atlanta. Drink up Redneck-style! $15. Available at Heliotrope.


Get your beer outta’ the big house

Cuff’d Bottle Opener

With this Gama Go Cuff’d bottle opener you’ll get your drink outta’ the clink in no time. $10. Available at Brushstrokes


Bring your cookies to life

Cookie Cutter Set

In Hebrew the phrase L’Chaim is often used as a drinking toast. In English it means “To Life!” If you’re entertaining for the holidays an want to add some life to your bakery treats, make sure you pick up this unique cookie cutter set. $8.99 Available at Cook’s Warehouse.


It’s always cocktail hour somewhere

You Look like I Need a Drink Shaker

Classic style drink shaker with a twist of humor. Best used during awkward moments to break the tension. The You Look like I Need a Drink Shaker is great for drinks and a laugh. $22. Available at Brushstrokes.


Mason/Ball Jar style drink shaker

A blend of shabby chic and retro styling, this shaker is another comedic but functional collector’s piece perfect for the adult beverage connoisseur. $29.99 Available at Cook’s Warehouse.


Plastic ware goes high fashion

Rednek Party Bucket

Melamine red Solo cop shaped ice bucket. Perfect for all yer shindings to keep those beverages cold. $28. Available at Heliotrope.


Red Plastic Wine Cups

After your wine is chilled in the Rednek Party Bucket, keep the theme going with these matching plastic wine cups! $6.99 Available at Cooks Warehouse.


Directions for Santa

Holiday Art

This hand painted and crafted wooden box frame bears a specific message from the disgruntled sibling: Santa Leave Presents Take Sister. $15. Available at Heliotrope.


Line ‘em up!

I Like Shots two-glass set

Distinctive thumbs up and thumbs down artwork on glasses will let your bartender know when you’re ready for another or when you’ve decided to call it a night. $11. Available at Brushstrokes.


Make it a double

Whiskey Barrel Glass

A glass with character from Gama Go. Distinctive, unusual and ready to be filled with your favorite whisky. $8. Available at Brushstrokes.

Tech Toys for Adults


The best little book

Touchscreen Ultrabook 2 in 1

The Asus Taichi Touchscreen Ultrabook is both a laptop and a tablet, with Intel top-level performance. Thin, ultra-light weight. Various models available. $589 – $1200. Available at Best Buy and multiple online computer retailers.


Hey, big spender!

Google Glass Explorer

Is it available yet, or not? Some say yes, some say no. Directly from Google, it appears the answer is no. At least not until sometime in early 2014 when this computer that can be worn like a pair of glasses will reportedly be available in the retail market. It responds to voice command, takes pictures and shoots video of whatever you see, translates your voice into a variety of other languages, answers just about any question you ask, provides directions right in front of your eyes and plays audio through a bone conduction device. Various models will be available next year with prices reportedly ranging from $200 – $1,500. However, if you’re ready to shell out some big bucks, it is showing up on the DL on a handful of websites. $7,000. Available on Ebay.


Phoning Home doesn’t get any better than this


Big hi res image. Extremely thin and fast. Chosen as the top new mobile device out of 20 by techrdar.com. Of course, all that equals up to pricey. What’d you expect? $600. Available on amazon.com and various mobile retail stores.


A new way to tell time

Kisai Console Wood Watch

At first glance, the Kisai looks like a sci-fi control panel, but reading the time is simple when you know how. The hex shapes indicate hours (1-12), the gauge at the bottom indicates five minute intervals and the level on the left indicates single minutes 1-4. After wearing the watch for a few hours, you’ll be able to read the time with ease. Plus, you’ll be extremely fashionable. $149. Available from tokyoflash.com


Light up the present with a look from the past

Tetris Stackable Desk Lamp

This stackable and interlocking lamp is inspired by the 1980s tile matching puzzle video game. It’s cool, fun, stylish, and, unlike everything else in this section, reasonably priced. $31.50. Available on amazon.com.

Stories Make Perfect Gifts


“Blue Is the Warmest Color”
The original novel depicting love shared between two women of different generations and became the award-winning film, which captured the Palme d’Or at the 2013 Cannes Film Festival and screened at Atlanta’s Out On Film festival. $19.95 (paperback)

“From the Forest”
The author explores ancient forests and the rich culture to be found in fairytales. Each chapter focuses on a different story and a different forest visit, with a unique analysis of famous stories including “Rapunzel,” “Hansel and Gretal,” “Snow White,” “Little Red Riding Hood,” “Rumplestiltskin” and “Sleeping Beauty.” $17.95 (paperback)

“In Bed with Gore Vidal”
This biography interviews many of Vidal’s closest family and friends, including Claire Bloom and Susan Sarandon, as well as surveying Vidal’s own rich personal archive, to build a rounded portrait of who this revered American author truly was. $19.99 (paperback)

“Orange is the New Black”
Piper Kerman’s memoir of her year spent in a women’s prison is the basis for the much praised Netflix series. $16. (paperback)

“Raising My Rainbow”
Amusing and sometimes evocative story of a woman and her family’s adventures of distress and happiness raising a gender-creative son. $15. (paperback)

All available from Charis Books and More, 1185 Euclid Ave., Atlanta, GA 30307, www.charisbooksandmore.com

Gifts for  children


Story time fun for all kinds of families

“Pecan Pie Baby”
It hasn’t even been born yet, but everyone, even her friends, seem fixated on the new baby. Little Gia thinks things are fine just the way they are and she’s worried what’s going to happen with Mama once it’s born. 7.99 (paperback)

“Mommy, Mama and Me” and “Daddy, Papa and Me”
“Mommy, Mama, and Me” and “Daddy, Papa, and Me” are the first board books (extra durable for rough-housin’ tykes!) ever published for kids who live in two-mom and two-dad families. Both depict a fun-filled day in the life of a happy, loving family. 7.99 (board book)

“Be Who You Are”
Nick is a young child born male but sees himself as a girl. Even though his parents love and accept him, he faces challenges at school from other children who don’t understand. This book explores how a family and a school should work with a transgender child. 20.99 (paperback)

All available at Charis Books and More.


Have your own personal fairy

Flutterbye Flying Fairy

Watch her spread her wings and magically twirl and dance through the air just like many of your favorite Atlanta faeries! Comes in multiple colors and requires six AA batteries for operation. $28. Available on Amazon and multiple local department stores.


Everyone’s favorite flying superhero vegetable

Superman Mr. Potatohead

Look, in the sky! It’s a spud! Is it a yam or a tuber? No, it’s Superman Mr. Potatohead $20. Available at Brushstrokes.


The world we live on

Mini Globe

Attractive, educational and entertaining. $29. Available at Heliotrope.


Who knew you could do so much with footwear?

Sock Monkey

Remember how cute you thought these were when you were a kid? Children today still think so. Sock monkeys are simple, lovable and cuddly. $10- $20. Available on amazon.com and multiple department stores.

Fashionable Accessories


Building a firm foundation

Ben Sherman Shoes

Aberdeen Leather in Black and Brown, $126.
Prentiss Brown, $126.
Available at Boy Next Door Menswear

Never leave home without stylish underwear

Paul Smith Gold Band Underwear

Now in multiple colors with the signature logo, skull and cross bones and gold band. $29. Available at Boy Next Door Menswear
wizard of oz ruby red slippers flip flops

If you have the shoes, you have the power

Wizard of Oz Ruby Red Flip Flops

One of 28 styles from the official Wizard of OZ attire and accessories line developed by Warner Bros. Studios and Cafe Press. $17.99. Available from www.cafepress.com

A playful touch

Classic bracelet

Interlocking rubber chains and signature charm. Available in 2 sizes and 12 color combinations. $23-28. Available at www.rubbs.com

Home Décor


Artful Storage

Multi Colored Jute Petal Basket

Artful 10-inch basket is woven from jute with vegetable dyes. Due to the handcrafted nature of this basket, no two are alike and come in a range of color combinations. $20. Available at Heliotrope.


Outsider Art

Happy as a Bird with a French Fry

Canvas sign features imagery and text for a happy, comic wall decoration. 7×14. $25. Available at Heliotrope.


Looks can be deceiving

Book End Vases

This bookend set is hand crafted from terra cotta with smooth color glazes. The four vases hold fresh or artificial floral stems. $45. Available at Heliotrope.


The Happy Buddha

Classic Buddha Statue

Suitable for indoor or outdoor usage. $144. Available at Atlanta Water Gardens.


A look back in time

Paris Antique Clock

Mid-century modern design combined with elements of shabby chic. $80. Available at Heliotrope.


Practical with avian style

Bright Bird Coasters

Square resin coasters with vibrant bird Imagery. $15. Available from Heliotrope.

The beauty of decoupage

Journey ticket frame

Display a moment captured in time surrounded by historic art. $15. Available from Heliotrope.


Deep in thought

Meditation Statues

Suitable for indoor and outdoor. Cat, Happy waving cat, frog. $32. – $33. Available at Atlanta Water Gardens.


Picture this

Stoneware Frame

Display your photos and artwork in style. $28. Available at Heliotrope.


Divine Swine

Pig Planter

Green glazed terra cotta. $15. Available at Heliotrope.


Beauty in sight and smell

Scented candles

From Voluspa. Fill your home with the scents of the season. $29.95 Available at Atlanta Water Gardens.

For your four-legged friends!


Dress up your pooch for the holidays

Antler and bell collar set

This delightfully amusing and fuzzy antler and bell collar set will help you and your favorite pup ring in the holidays. 12.99 Available at Pet Set.


Bug Eyed Crazy Dawg

Pooch Googlies

Yes, that’s what they’re called. Made of industrial strength, durable rubber, they’re fun as a chew toy that squeaks or great for toss and fetch. $20.38 Available at Pet Set.


It’s tug o’war time

Giraffe Dog Toy

Made of high quality braided rope, it’s great bonding fun for pups and pals.
$20. Available at Brushstrokes


Glam up your favorite feline or cool canine

Fashion collars

Leather embossed and crystal studded. Bring out the royalty in your furry friend.
$30.99-$85.99. Available at Pet Set.


Make your mark

Pet Paw Ornament Maker Mix

No muss, no fuss and oh so easy to make. Immortalize your pet’s paw print and hang it as an ornament on your Christmas tree for years to come. $16.95 Available at Pet Set.