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Pets: Four French divas

Bill Furman

Amid the change the comes with growing up in a military family, one of the consistencies of Bill Furman’s childhood in Ohio, North Carolina and Texas was the presence of pets, especially a macaw parrot that became a sort of family heirloom.

“I grew up with a macaw that belonged to my grandmother,” Furman recalls. “When my grandmother passed away, my mother took over it, and so I grew up with it all through middle school, high school, and then when I went to school I took the macaw with me. I’ve kind of always had a bird in my house.”

Furman and his partner, Rob Walter, started exploring purchasing a large bird four years ago and Walter quickly became enraptured. Along with getting birds of their own, Furman and Walter have worked with an Atlanta vet to serve as foster parents to half a dozen birds over the last year, nursing them back to health and finding homes or safe environments.

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Pets: ‘A love beyond our own’

Tristan Skye

As is the case with many blended families, it wasn’t easy for Tristan Skye to win over his girlfriend Sicily’s young one, a fiery teacup Chihuahua known as Cleo to friends, Cleopatra to admirers.

“We’ve kind of joked around about how she’s kind of like my stepdaughter,” Tristan Skye says. “It took a little bit of work because she didn’t take so well to me at first — she liked me, but she’d still be very territorial and very protective of my wife. But Sicily just said that it would take some time, and it did, and now we’re very close.”

The couple adopted a Pomeranian named Vinnie a year ago, who was supposed to be their last dog. However, after unsuccessful attempts to add a human baby to their family, an angel in the form of a five-week teacup Chihuahua appeared to help alleviate their disappointment.

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A very dirty 30

Birthday party to raise funds for local HIV/AIDS organization

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Charges against teens in anti-gay bias crime spark community debate

The six teens charged with a bias-crime attack on a gay Atlanta pastor at Piedmont Park will be tried as adults. Four of the teens are minors. The youngest is 13 years old.

Several readers have reached out to us to express their views on the charges. Some readers, like Twitter user @jcstarr are happy with the decision to charge the teens as adults. “GOOD!!! I hope the judge throws the book at them,” he wrote via Twitter.

Several of our Facebook fans supported the charges, as well.

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Ay yay yay!

Noni’s Deli celebrates second anniversary with the flavor of Mexico

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Stalk the Peacock

Singer/songwriter Sarah Peacock performs live at Bellissima tonight