Two cool events taking place this weekend that may not be on your gay radar but are sure to be fabulous are the 2012 WFTDA Championships  at the Georgia World Congress Center Nov. 2-4 and the 10th annual Chomp and Stomp in Cabbagetown on Nov. 3.

Atlanta has supported a strong women’s roller derby league for many years now and this year Georgia plays host to the national championship in its “Grits and Glory” event. The Atlanta Rollergirls are promising plenty of glitter, too. So that ups the gay factor about 100 percent.

The Atlanta Roller Girls take on the Naptown Roller Girls from Indianapolis Friday at 8 p.m. The winner of this bout goes on to take on the Gotham Girls Roller Derby team on Saturday at 4 p.m.

But to make sure to root on the hometown girls, it’s best to make it to the Friday night bout. There’s going to be plenty of bumping and grinding going on. Like elbowing your way to the bar at the Jungle on a very packed night. Without the shirtless men and dance music, of course. Instead, women with face paint and fishnet hose wearing elbow and knee pads. And with such badass names as Lez Dispenser, Nancy Disgrace, Canna Whoopass, Demi Gore and Tanya Hyde.

On Saturday, Nov. 3, there will be bluegrass, a 5K, beer and more chili than you can shake your gay booty at Chomp and Stomp. Participating restaurants that cater to that gay heart of yours include Noni’s, Fox Bros. Bar-B-Q, Grindhouse Killer Burgers, D.B.A. Barbecue, The Vortex, Farm Burger, Victory Sandwich Bar, Ria’s Bluebird and so, so many more.

There’s also an artist market along with three stages set up with bands performing bluegrass (sorry, no trance music in Cabbagetown today) and games! Fun games such as brussel sprout bobbing and a cabbage shredding contest.

And of course there are plenty of traditional LGBT events to attend. But if you haven’t before, take a step outside the regular circle of events and try something new. Whether you’re gay or not, what’s not to love about chili and roller derby?

Photo: The Atlanta Rollergirls in action. (by Ed Selby)

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