Dear Mayor Reed:

Nearly two years have passed since the Atlanta Police Department raid on the Atlanta Eagle, and we now ask you to fulfill your pledge to the LGBT community for a thorough investigation and swift action. The recently released internal OPS report and the independent Greenberg-Traurig report found indisputably that officers broke the law. This week, the Department of Justice cited the raid as an example of anti-gay police harassment. The city of Atlanta cannot tolerate officers who break the law, nor can its citizens have faith in a police department that condones unlawful behavior.

We are calling for all twenty-five officers who have been found to have violated the law during the Atlanta Eagle raid to be fired immediately. Furthermore, we are asking for these officers to be prosecuted for the crimes they committed against citizens they swore an oath to protect and serve.

It is our hope, Mayor Reed, that you will stand by your pledge for appropriate and swift action. The Atlanta LGBT community has faith that if you stand with us in seeking justice, what happened at the Atlanta Eagle will never happen again.


The Queer Justice League

What do you think it the proper punishment for officers who violated the law during the raid? Should they be charged and tried in addition to being fired?

To view the petition, click here. For more on the Queer Justice League, click here.

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