The Queer Justice League will deliver a letter of reprimand to Sen. Chambliss today

QJL to reprimand Chambliss over blog comment

The Queer Justice League will respond today to a blog comment allegedly left by a member of Georgia Sen. Saxby Chambliss’ staff on the gay blog Joe.My.God. by delivering a letter to the senator calling for a public apology as well as for his staff to undergo “sensitivity training.”

The group will deliver the letter to Chambliss’ Atlanta office at 4 p.m. The QJL initially requested a meeting with the senator, but Chambliss will be in Washington, D.C.

Art Izzard, a QJL organizer, commented on the planned meeting via a press release.

“We want an official, contrite apology for Senator Chambliss, to the LGBT community and to all Georgians,” Izzard said.

“We also want Senator Chambliss to commit to engaging his employees in sensitivity training, to equip them to better handle the concerns of his constituents.”

The QJL is calling for members of the LGBT community and its allies to join them in front of Chambliss’ offices.

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