Reader submitted snow photos

As you undoubtedly know, Atlanta has been crippled by a winter storm that has shut down our local interstates, schools and most businesses. The storm is so bad that it’s been referred to as “snowpocalypse” and “snowmageddon.” Residents have even given the storm the hashtag #hothlanta on Twitter (in reference to the Star Wars movie The Empire Strikes Back).

Many readers have spent several days trapped at home, though several have braved the elements by venturing out and taking photos.

We’re currently accepting reader-submitted photos from this week’s winter storm. So far, we’ve had more than 20 submissions, including photos of the city, babies (actually, that’s my baby in the gallery and isn’t she the cutest!?) and pets. To submit your photos, please e-mail them to

To view the reader submitted photo gallery, please click here.


Top photo: Downtown Atlanta’s streets remain covered in snow, ice and a slush mix.