Swinging Richards to Introduce Daytime Female Dancers

After gay Atlanta strip club Swinging Richards filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, general manager Harry Hunt told the Georgia Voice that the club will continue to be “open as usual; all male, all nude, all night.”

However, that seems to no longer be the case: the gay Atlanta favorite has announced they will be introducing female dancers into a daytime lineup to garner more revenue.

Owner C.B. Jones told Project Q Atlanta that the club is set to hire 20 female dancers in order to help fund litigation costs after five former dancers sued for unpaid wages.

These female dancers will come from three Sandy Springs strip clubs that closed in September of last year after a 12-year legal battle with the city over alcohol and nudity. Because Swinging Richards normally isn’t open during the day, the women will take the day shifts – a solution Jones said both gives the performers jobs and brings in more revenue for the club.

Many reacted to the news adamant that the inclusion of female dancers at a gay strip club is indicative of the club closing.

“SR will be closing soon,” one Twitter user wrote. “The writing is on the wall now.”

However, Jones assures customers and fans that, despite the change, the club will be open for “years to come.”