The New Docs in Town

Their approach isn’t one you’d find in your typical corporate medical office, even down to the way you’re greeted as you enter their practice. Jochen Schaefer and Philip Hoffman are trying something new: getting personal with each of their patients. “I like spending time, face to face time with patients,” said Hoffman.


His background is in Sports Medicine while his partner specializes in aesthetics. Both spent years searching for ways to bring their specialties to the LGBTQ community before they eventually connected.


“I planned on starting my own clinic without the aesthetics aspect but in the Denver area. We met, and he was already in the process of starting his own aesthetics clinic,” said Hoffman. “Initially I was thinking I could rent space from him, but then it moved into this combined sports medicine aesthetics clinic.”


Their practice, Skin & Bone Docs, was born and is now weeks away from opening in the heart of Inman Park. Between the two, their list of services is quite extensive. “Phil is trained to treat any sports injuries, chronic musculoskeletal disorders without operations. We’ll use injections with PRP, lidocaine, cortisone to treat injuries, hormone replacement therapy, and testosterone optimization,” said Schaefer. “My specialty is aesthetics. I’ll provide patients with state of the art injectables. We also do skin care and chemical peels. We also have a signature method to do a non-surgical facelift which uses needles and radio-frequency.”


It’s a far stretch from what Hoffman saw himself doing years ago. His dream job, a doctor for the Saint Louis Cardinals, wasn’t ideal. He thought working in a corporate setting would be fulfilling but realized his relationships with his patients was suffering.


“Especially with sports medicine with injuries. It’s very hands-on, and the physical exam is critical. I don’t like to rush the exams,” said Hoffman. “We get to really take time with our patients now, and make sure they’re getting the best service possible.”


Outside of their business relationship, Schaefer and Hoffman are partners in life. They’re both openly gay and proud to be doctors for the LGBTQ community. In addition to their specialized treatments, both doctors will offer STD and HIV testing for patients.


“I like to offer medical care for patients where they know they’re not going to be judged and they can talk to us openly,” said Hoffman. “For me, coming out of Augusta, it’s nice that I can be open about who I am too without trying to hide that for the sake of the business.”


They’re now members of the Atlanta Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce and ready to take community service to the next level with one unique service offered. “We have the first, and only FDA approved body contouring method to destroy fat nonsurgically which is pretty amazing because it’s the most powerful way but at the same time painless,” said Schaefer. “The method preserves blood vessels and nerves around the fat cells, so it’s very soft, and there’s no bruising.”


Their practice is still in the finishing stages of completion, and soon will be open for everyone including the LGBTQ community, but until then, both Hoffman and Schaefer are spending more time in the community getting the word out about the kind of care  Jochen Schaefer say is vital to keeping their patients satisfied and healthy.


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