Learn about your options at ‘Maybe Baby,’ an educational discussion hosted by MEGA Family Project

Thinking about joining the ‘gayby’ boom?

The educational seminar is scheduled for 7-9 p.m. at MEGA’s office in the Rush Center, located at 1530 Dekalb Ave., Suite A, Atlanta, GA 30307.

Whether you are considering donor insemination, surrogacy or adoption, or even if you aren’t sure how you want to become a parent, tonight’s seminar will offer insight into the process.

“This will be an intimate discussion about the basics potential parents should know before embarking on their parenting journey. Learn about some of the real issues you will face, how much does it really cost, and get resources to start exploring your journey. This is for anyone who wants to begin exploring the parenting journey,” MEGA explains on its website. “It is meant to give you some basic information about your options for starting a family, dispel myths, and give you a place to discuss what you are thinking and feeling.”

You can learn more about MEGA Family Project at www.megafamilyproject.org.