Trump’s PRIDE T-shirt Faces LGBTQ Backlash

President Donald Trump has released a new LGBTQ Pride t-shirt in time for Pride month – a decision that’s got some Georgia LGBTQ advocates confused and upset.

“The T-shirt design is colorful, but there is a major flaw; it lacks a barbed wire border. It’s unsurprising President Trump would seek to profit off the pain he’s caused,” said Juliana Illari with the Georgia Stonewall Democrats Board. “The administration’s shameful record, especially its relentless attacks against the transgender community, speaks for itself. Vice President Pence, especially, remains an implacable foe of all LBGTQ+ people.”

The shirt features a watercolor rainbow design and the phrase “LGBTQ for Trump.” The back bears the Trump-Pence campaign logo and phrase, “Make America Great Again.”

“Show your pride and your support for Trump with this exclusive equality tee,” the description of the shirt reads. While President Trump campaigned in 2016 on the promise of supporting the LGBTQ community, he has passed a number of anti-LGBTQ laws since taking office.

But Georgia Log Cabin Republicans President, Jamie Ensley, says its a step in the right direction by the Trump Administration.

“We applaud the fact that a Republican president is celebrating gay pride with an inclusive message for LGBTQ supporters,” said Ensley. “President Trump’s recent statement on gay marriage is historic for a sitting Republican President. And as far as I know, he’s the first sitting or former Republican president to make a solid affirming statement supporting same-sex marriage.

But according to GLAAD’s Trump Accountability Project, the Trump administration has issued 108 attacks on the LGBTQ community and counting while in office. These attacks include banning transgender troops from the military and cutting funding for worldwide HIV/AIDS treatment.

Ensley’s response, “President Trump has launched a global effort to end the criminalization of homosexuality and to end HIV/AIDS. He also appointed California LCR member Ric Grenell as Ambassador to Germany (I believe the highest presidential appointment for an openly gay man) and most recently our former LCR ED Clarke Cooper as Assistant Secretary of State. There’s a lot to celebrate for LGBTQ Trump Supporters including this T-shirt. “

GLAAD issued a statement criticizing the administration’s hypocrisy for releasing the merchandise while not fighting to protect LGBTQ Americans.

“The Trump Administration is trying to pull yet another con job on LGBTQ Americans. but like their other desperate ploys, this idea will fall flat,” said GLAAD Chief Programs Officer Zeke Stokes. “Trump should hold the sales pitch and try issuing a statement honoring June as National Pride Month and the countless of LGBTQ Americans who fought tooth and nail for the level of acceptance our nation sees today.”

The Human Rights Campaign also came out in opposition to President Trump’s new merchandise.

“From day one of this administration, Donald Trump and Mike Pence have ruthlessly attacked the rights and livelihoods of LGBTQ people,” said Charlotte Clymer, press secretary for HRC. “They have ignored anti-LGBTQ atrocities in Chechnya and anti-trans violence here at home.”