WATCH: Swinging Richards Dancers Urge Georgians to Vote in Runoff

Dancers at Swinging Richards have released a new video urging Georgians to vote in the Senate runoff election.

“Two months ago, the queens of Atlanta asked you to get your booty to the polls, and you did,” dancers at the Atlanta gay strip club say in the video. “Nearly five million Georgians exercised their right to vote.  Georgia set an all-time record high in voter turnout, and Georgia flipped blue. But it’s not over yet.”

“On January 5, we, Georgia, will decide a runoff with two Senate seats in Georgia,” the dancers continue. “We decide if we send Kelly Loeffler or Reverend Warnock. We decide if we send David Perdue or Jon Ossoff.”

The video goes on to introduce a Jon Ossoff lookalike performing a strip tease after encouragement from the other dancers – “Biden would have done it!”

It concludes with a call to action: “Get your pole to the polls.”