Headline News highlighted two gay media stories this week. The first was a feature on an Anderson Cooper interview about the trailer for the movie “The Dilemma” and its use of a “gay” joke by actor Vince Vaughn.

The Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) is calling for the joke to be pulled from the trailer, first posted online. It has since been removed from the internet but continues to play in theatrical trailers.

What they say: CNN covers two gay gaffes

Check out the Headline News segment, with some panel discussion, below:

GLAAD is calling for supporters to call Universal Pictures to pull the joke from theaters.

Anderson Cooper also sat down with rapper Eminem to discuss his use of gay slurs in his lyrics. AC comes very close to getting his rhyme on. This Headline News video discusses whether or not art should protect gay slurs: