Your Sisters wish you a Happy New Year

Sister Dixie Normous

Sister Dixie Normous“My wish is that we accept and embrace the new resolution the Atlanta City Council signed endorsing gay marriage and that everyone takes care of community like they have been. With everyone suffering so much, we still need to reach out and take care of each other a little bit more.”

Sister Ursala Polari

Sister Ursula Polari“This New Year’s Eve, I’m wishing that we all continue to pull together as a community. Working together, step by step, we can make a difference.”

Sister Gunza Blazin

Sister Gunza Blazin“We somehow got Mayor [Kasim] Reed to come around and support [marriage] equality. My wish is that more of the Atlanta community decides to jump on board for equality.”

Sister Sissy Sweet Tea

Sister Sissy Sweet Tea“I wish for everyone to spread their joy and help in their community more. Find the charities you want to help. That doesn’t just mean having to donate money. Just volunteering your time and talents is a great help.”

B'Yonda Cloud

Sister B’Yonda Cloud“My wish is that everyone have the most fabulous year ever.”

Sister Karma Chameleon

Sister Karma ChameleonWhat does she wish? “For glitter and world peace,” she says with a laugh. “But seriously, I hope that people have safe new year and focus on personal safety throughout the year and reach the goals they have in mind.”

Novice Sister Night Shadow

Novice Sister Night Shadow“I wish that people keep the peace and the energy we have in the community.”


Photos by Bo Shell