When Five Napkin Burger closed less than a year in business at the spot at 10th Street and Piedmont where the gay fave Nickiemotos was once located, speculation arose of what would now go into the new vacant space in the heart of the gayborhood.

Well, tonetoatl.com (Tomorrow's News Today), a real estate blog, is reporting the restaurant 10 is going in the new spot. And according to its owners, it will be a "bistro by day and gay bar by night."

Toneatl.com said a banner making the announcement went up Tuesday, Sept. 25, and two owners were on site but refused to reveal much information.

’10’ opening up in spot of Five Napkins Burger as local version of gay fave ‘Hamburger Mary’s’?

From the blog:

Apparently the plan may be to have a local version of the popular Hamburger Mary’s restaurant. Hamburger Mary’s bills itself as “an open-air bar and grill for open-minded people”  and is often located in “gay-centric” neighborhoods. The first Hamburger Mary’s opened in San Francisco in 1972 and today there are twelve locations nationwide. There was talk that the chain was interested in the Five Napkin space but had been told a lease was already in place with another user. It would be rather ironic if 10 was that user and they end up imitating Hamburger Mary’s.

Toneatl.com said the owners did say they plan to have a “preview opening” during Atlanta Pride weekend Oct. 13-14. The blog reported that an existing Atlanta club owner bought the property with another investor and that the original asking price was $750,000 but the sale probably went for closer to $600,000.

Let’s hope 10 is a luckier number than five.