Queer Magnetic Poetry Kit at Richards Variety Store

2017 Holiday Gift Guide: Stocking stuffers for the whole ‘family’

Jews Glasses

Whether the glass is half-empty or half-full doesn’t really matter when you’re imbibing Chanukah-style with these Jews Glasses from the Unemployed Philosophers Guild. Each 12-ounce glass in the set of four features illustrations of Jewish luminaries, including queer heroes Allen Ginsberg, Gertrude Stein, Susan Sontag and Leonard Bernstein. L’Chaim, y’all!

Queer Magnetic Poetry KitQueer Magnetic Poetry Kit
Richards Variety Store

For the budding Audre Lordes and Mark Dotys on your gift list, the Queer Magnetic Poetry Kit comes with 200 LGBT-ish words to arrange poetically on the fridge or any magnetic surface. The ideal gift for the lesbian lyricist, homo haikuist, bi bibliophile, transcendental trans or perpetually passive-aggressive roommate in your life.

Jolly Rainbow Ornament
Junkman’s Daughter

How’s it hanging? Well, with this adorable plush felt rainbow on your tree, colorfully might be the best answer to that question. Even the clouds are smiling on this unique ornament, which brings the rainbow connection to your holiday pines and tinsel-strewn artificial firs alike.

Feminism Dish Towel
Richards Variety Store

Blue Q Dish Towels’ “More Feminism, Less Bullshit” is the perfect household gift for all your resister sisters or even that awesome ally friend with a simple wish to dry a dish. The fierce archer on this aqua dish cloth aims to please.

Wonder Woman Crazy Foam
Richards Variety Store

Looks like Wonder Woman’s foaming at the mouth, but we wouldn’t expect any less from the Themysciran goddess. Fight crime and grime with the 3-in-1 multitasking foam that shampoos and conditions hair as well as it cleans heroic sweat. With justice and suds for all…

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