2017 Holiday Gift Guide: Toys and other treats for the terrific tyke

“From the Stars in the Sky to the Fish in the Sea”
Charis Books and More
In this captivating, beautifully imagined picture book about gender, identity and the acceptance of the differences between us, a child named Miu Lan faces many questions about who they are and who they may be. But one thing’s for sure: no matter what this child becomes, their mother will love them just the same.


Waddles the Penguin Beanie Boo
Richards Variety Store
Beanie Boos are still going strong nearly 10 years after being introduced, with kids flocking to the big-eyed little buggers. They won’t be able to resist this sweet, cute, blue-eyed peach of a penguin from the plush toy titans at Ty.


Kinetic Sand Magic Molding Tower
Create, build and defend your sand kingdom with the Kinetic Sand magic molding tower! Kinetic Sand is the squeezable sand you can’t put down. It’s the magical, moldable sand that flows through your fingers, leaving them completely dry.


Make-Your-Own Mini Erasers
Making mistakes has never been this much fun. Sculpt your very own creations with eraser clay and then bake them in the oven to make absolutely adorable, slightly squishy erasers that really work! Comes with eight bright colors of clay and 35 eraser designs to choose from.


Fantastical Designs Coloring Book
Get inspired with 18 fantastical designs that you can color or draw or paint all day. Add your own flair with pens, pencils, crayons, markers or paint. Decorate your room, your binder, or your locker with finished pages, or give them to friends. Collect the whole series!


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