2019 Wedding Trends

We understand that finding your soulmate is only the first step, the next is the wedding – whether you’ve chosen to keep it a small, private occasion or turn it into a large extravaganza, we have some trends that may help you make your big day even bigger. From classic gowns to unconventional cakes and everything in between, these seven fads are making an entrance into the wedding scene that is more glamorous than Tandi Iman Dupree’s drop from the ceiling! Here’s what’s making 2019 the year of the wedding!

Flower Galore

This trend is perfect not only for a spring wedding but any and every wedding throughout the year. Flowers are always a beautiful accessory, whether to a gown or to a table setting. Doing a fall wedding? Gather that beautiful red, yellow and orange foliage for a unique bouquet. They add vibrant color, intricate beauty, and grace that remains unmatched. Floral accessories are a huge upcoming trend. From necklaces to arm pieces, flower power is taking over the wedding scene.

Rainbow Rush

From rainbow confetti to colorful smoke bombs, the colors of the rainbow are dominating wedding entrances and exits. It only makes sense to leave such a celebration of love either through a cloud of brilliant hues or a showering of rich pixie-dust pieces. For some, it’s about having a fun, colorful wedding and for others, these colors represent the unapologetic beauty of their LGBTQ identities.

Royal Grace

The beautiful and elegant Meghan Markle has influenced the comeback of the classic and simple wedding gown. Her 2018 look has inspired women to aspire for a more regal yet modest fashion choice. After all, why have an over-the-top gown when your beauty is already unmatched? Meghan has shown that the Queen makes the gown, the gown does not make the Queen.

A Handsome Three Piece

While the brides are going for a more natural, simplistic fashion, the trend for grooms is adding on more layers. Three-piece suits are becoming quite popular for groom attire. From various colors and patterns, the grooms are stepping up their suit game a few notches!

Cake Extravaganza

While it seems that unconventional desserts such as cupcakes and cake pops took over the scene last year, this year is all about the cake. We say the taller and more over-the-top, the better. This year, we’re stacking them high and decorating them elegantly. This year, the focus isn’t just on the cake tasting good, it’s on it looking good as well!

Exotic Venues

Choosing the right location for your big day is one of the biggest decisions of the entire planning. These days, people are choosing more outside-of-the-box wedding venues – from beautiful outdoor gardens/vineyards to white-sand beaches and even the desert. One thing is for sure: this year, the classic church setting simply won’t do. It’s about being one (a union) with nature, so destination weddings are taking flight.