2020 Gift Guide: For the Bookworm

The Selected Works of Audre Lorde will make a great gift for book lovers. Lorde has been described as an unforgettable voice of the 20th century and one of the first to center the experience of black, queer women. The book showcases, Lorde’s contributions to intersectional feminism, queer theory and critical race studies in her 12 essays and sixty poems. $15.26; Charis Books and More; 184 S. Candler St.; 404-524-0304; online only; charisbooksandmore.com

All Boys Aren’t Blue by George M. Johnson was listed as Amazon’s Best Book of the Year and is optioned for television by actress Gabrielle Union.  The book includes personal essays by Johnson, a well-known journalist and LGBTQIA+ activist.  In the book, he explores his childhood, adolescence and college years.  This young-adult memoir weaves together the trials and triumphs faced by Black queer boys. The book has been called a primer for teens eager to be allies as well as a reassuring testimony for young queer men of color. $16.19; Charis Books and More 

Undrowned: Black Feminist Lessons from Marine Mammals is a book-length meditation for social movements and our whole species based on the subversive and transformative guidance of marine mammals. With the book, Gumbs employs a mix of poetic sensibility and naturalist observations to show what they might teach us, producing not a specific agenda but an unfolding space for wondering and questioning. $13.50; Charis Books and More 

How to They/Them by author Stuart Getty and illustrator Brook Thyng is visual guide of sorts to help people navigate understanding the terms around nonbinary pronouns.  It’s a real-life they-using genderqueer write unpacks all your burning questions in a fun and visual way. The book is sometimes funny and sometimes serious, always human, this gender-friendly primer will get you up to speed on how to navigate the correct terms. $17.06; Charis Books and More 

Based in Atlanta, Murder at the Estate Sale by Lily Charles exposes the world of antiquarian and collectible bookselling as a hotbed of collectors and booksellers who will do almost anything to score the perfect collectible book. The characters, Emma and Molly find themselves in the middle of both a murder, and an occult cult, as they pursue their work and each other in a delightfully twisted intriguing puzzle. $12.59; Charis Books and More 

Oh The Things We’re For is the newest from  the author of A is for Activist, Innosanto Nagara. This illustrated masterpiece is a celebration of a better world that is not only possible but is here today if we choose it. Poetically written and beautifully illustrated in her signature style, the book offers a vision where we could go – and a future worth fighting for is a book for kids and for the young at heart of all ages. $16.16; Charis Books and More