23 LGBT tie-ins for the fall TV season

This season brings a renewed commitment to LGBT actors and characters from the “Big Four” television networks, with two-thirds of the spots on this list taken up by ABC, CBS, Fox and NBC. GLAAD even awarded its first ever “excellent” grade in their annual Network Responsibility Index this year, with Fox getting the honors.

And while the broadcast networks, cable networks and streaming services could use a little more of the “T” in LGBT, there’s still plenty of tie-ins to find no matter where you get your content. Check out this list of the returning favorites and newest hits to grace your multiple screens this spring.

“Best Time Ever With Neil Patrick Harris” (Premiered Sep. 15 on NBC)
A live variety show revival? With openly gay actor/author/Heineken Light pitchman Neil Patrick Harris? Sign us up.

“Doctor Who” (Sep. 19 on BBC America)
Any show that has been accused of promoting a gay agenda, as happened after a lesbian kiss scene aired last season, is okay by us.

“Scream Queens” (Sep. 22 on Fox)
Openly gay co-creator Ryan Murphy (“Glee,” “American Horror Story”) is back with this campy take on a horror series, featuring Murphy regulars Lea Michele and Emma Roberts.

“Empire” (Sep. 23 on Fox)
Openly gay co-creator Lee Daniels (“Precious,” “The Butler”) is sure to bring even more soapy drama for season two, featuring out actor Jussie Smollett, who plays the openly gay Jamal.

“Modern Family” (Sep. 23 on ABC)
Mitch, Cam and their hilarious daughter Lily return along with the rest of the crew for ABC’s long-running megahit, which continues to win in the ratings race and on the awards circuit.

“Nashville” (Sep. 23 on ABC)
Season Four of the soapy musical drama sees the return of out actor and Broadway vet Kyle Dean Massey, who plays openly gay country music singer-songwriter Kevin Bicks, joining “Nashville” regular Chris Carmack, whose character Will finally came out last season.

“Rosewood” (Sep. 23 on Fox)
Morris Chestnut stars in this new procedural as Dr. Beaumont Rosewood, a brilliant private pathologist joined in his practice by his lesbian sister Pippy and her fiancée Tara.

“Survivor: Cambodia” (Sep. 23 on CBS)
Viewers apparently wanted to see more of openly gay news anchor and reporter Jeff Varner, who returns to the show after viewers picked the contestants in an online vote.

“How to Get Away with Murder” (Sep. 24 on ABC)
The award-winning legal procedural took some flak last season for a habit of bottom-shaming, so we’ll see if they change their tune with the portrayal of devious gay character Connor (Jack Falahee).

“Scandal” (Sep. 24 on ABC)
Last season, pictures leaked of openly gay White House Chief of Staff Cyrus Beene (Jeff Perry) having sex with a male prostitute. Expect more twists and turns as usual.

“The Amazing Race” (Sep. 25 on CBS)
Denise Williams is determined to prove to her 26-year-old son James that she does not have a problem with him being gay. Oh, and they’re in a race. It’s amazing.

“Brooklyn Nine-Nine” (Sep. 27 on Fox)
Andre Braugher’s stoic, openly gay Captain Holt is the secret weapon of the show, with Braugher exemplifying the meaning of the word “deadpan.”

“Quantico” (Sep. 27 on ABC)
This new thriller features Tate Ellington’s openly gay FBI trainee, Simon Asher, one of several impossibly good-looking FBI recruits at the FBI training academy.

“Grandfathered” (Sep. 29 on Fox)
John Stamos stars as a lifelong bachelor who goes from childless to father to grandfather in one fell swoop. Co-starring Kelly Jenrette as Annelise, his lesbian employee.

“Saturday Night Live” (Oct. 3 on NBC)
Whether you’ve seen her impression of Jane Lynch, Justin Bieber or “the Notorious RBG” herself, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, one thing is clear—lesbian comic Kate McKinnon is unstoppable.

“The Good Wife” (Oct. 4 on CBS)
We’ve got bisexual actor Alan Cumming as Eli Gold, Dallas Roberts playing Alicia’s gay brother Owen, and frequent LGBT storylines, like last season’s gay marriage episode.

“The Flash” (Oct. 6 on the CW)
This superhero hit introduced bisexual actor Andy Mientus as the gay villain Pied Piper last season, and Patrick Sabongui continues to portray openly gay police captain David Singh.

“Arrow” (Oct. 7 on the CW)
This season will feature the introduction of Mr. Terrific, an openly gay African-American superhero familiar to fans of the popular D.C. comic book “Green Arrow.”

“American Horror Story: Hotel” (Oct. 7 on FX)
Out co-creator Ryan Murphy adds Lady Gaga this season and welcomes back out actors and Murphy regulars Denis O’Hare and Matt Bomer.

“The Walking Dead” (Oct. 11 on AMC)
Last season saw the introduction of the openly gay recruiter Aaron (Ross Marquand), and Alanna Masterson will return as lesbian character Tara Chambler.

“Kingdom” (Oct. 14 on DirectTV Audience Network)
The season finale of the first go-round for this drama series about mixed martial artists confirmed what had long been suspected [SPOILER ALERT]—Nick Jonas’ character Nate is gay.

“Angel From Hell” (Nov. 17 on CBS)
Lesbian comic actress Jane Lynch stars in this new fantasy sitcom as the angel in question, who makes unbelievable predictions come true.

“Transparent” (Dec. 4 on Amazon)
Jeffrey Tambor is back in the award-winning role as a transgender matriarch of a family who is coming to terms with her transition.