5 delectable wedding cakes and sweet treats

This feast for the eyes and mouth is the wedding cake of choice in France. Pastry balls are delicately placed into a cone and bound with spun sugar or threads of caramel. Magnifique! (Alon’s Bakery)

Cake Pops
Couples are going gaga for these delicious bite-sized treats, also known as cruffles. They’re less messy than a traditional layer cake and offer plenty of creative options to step up the presentation factor. (Sweet Cheats)











Macaron Tower
For the couple that favors simplicity over whimsy. And a macaron tower has the added benefit of allowing a couple to have their baker get more creative with the color scheme if they choose. (Alon’s Bakery)











Traditional Layer Cake
Old souls unite! A traditional layer cake is always a solid bet for the wedding day. But the traditional route doesn’t mean you can’t flaunt your style with various flourishes. Ask your baker about ways you can personalize the cake to best display the love you two share. (Metrotainment Bakery)











Hybrid Cake Pops/Layer Cake
Can’t decide between a traditional layer cake and the more trendy cake pops? Why not do both?! This hybrid cake pops/layer cake is sure to satisfy the sugary desires of both parties on the big day. (Sweet Cheats)