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Alliance Theatre Features Atlanta Performers with New Concert Series

The Alliance Theatre has announced a new concert series happening this month, which will feature musicians and performers from around Atlanta.

From December 8 through 24, CLUB HERTZ LIVE will feature 19 local musicians and performers ranging in genre and format in a comfortable, intimate lounge setting. With performances spanning hip-hop, opera, folk, jazz, contemporary chamber music, stand-up comedy, and holiday cabarets, each night promises to offer something completely new.

“CLUB HERTZ provides musicians with an incredible opportunity to display their craft without thinking about the other logistics that can hinder a great performance,” said jazz piano player and CLUB HERTZ panelist Tyrone Jackson. “The diversity of the artists performing is like going to a different venue each night. Being a judge during the audition process for CLUB HERTZ was one of the hardest things I have had to do. The talent was outstanding, the slots were limited. I’m hoping this venture continues, because there are a lot of artists that need to be heard.”

The performance schedule is as follows:

SOLD OUT: Wednesday, December 8 @ 7:30pm – Jay Hunter Morris (Opera/Jazz/American Songbook)

Thursday, December 9 @ 7:30pm – Gold Shades (Pop/Funk trio)

Friday, December 10 @ 8pm – Mike Kinnebrew (Country/Folk) & Haddon Kime (Rock/Blues/Jazz)

Saturday, December 11 @ 2:30pm – Moms Unleash on Christmas (Broadway/Pop/Holiday Cabaret)

Saturday, December 11 @ 8pm – Cody Bolden and the Road Hands (Country/Folk)

Sunday, December 12 @ 2:30pm – Anita Aysola (Jazz/Blues/Rock/Traditional Indian music)

Sunday, December 12 @ 7:30pm – ozello (Queer Folk Rock)

Tuesday, December 14 @ 7:30pm – Moms Unleash on Christmas (Broadway/Pop/Holiday Cabaret)

Wednesday, December 15 @ 7:30pm – Ina Williams (Jazz/Blues/Country/Christian Rock)

Thursday, December 16 @ 7:30pm – Comedy & Music Night, Hosted by Mark Kendall (Improv Comedy & Variety Show)

Friday, December 17 @ 8pm – Comedy & Music Night, Hosted by Mark Kendall (Improv Comedy & Variety Show)

Saturday, December 18 @ 2:30pm – Leah Belle Faser, Liz and the Lions, Haddon Kime (Rock/Blues/Jazz)

Saturday, December 18 @ 8pm – The Manly Hero (Funk & R&B)

Sunday, December 19 @ 2:30pm – ensemble vim (Contemporary Classical Music)

Sunday, December 19 @ 7:30pm – Linqua Franqa (Hip-Hop)

Tuesday, December 21 @ 7:30pm – Una Noche Latina: Dúos (Latin/Salsa/Bolero)

Wednesday, December 22 @ 7:30pm – Adam L. McKnight (R&B/Soul/Gospel/Pop)

Thursday, December 23 @ 7:30pm – Eric Thomas Project (Jazz Fusion)

Friday, December 24 @ 2:30pm – Dynamo Deb Bowman & Big Love (Jazz/Holiday Cabaret)


Tickets are $35 and can be purchased here or by calling Alliance Theatre at 404-733-4600.