Apple Introduces Gender-Neutral Emojis with New Update

Apple has released a new line of emojis that include gender-neutral options for almost every human emoji, but still no trans flag.

Apple’s latest iOS update, iOS 13.2, introduce almost 400 new emojis, 255 of which are just gender-neutral versions of existing emojis.

With the update, Apple users now have the choice of using 457 gender-neutral emojis, including a fairy, superhero, zombie, and scientist, according to Emojipedia.

Along with the gender diversity, the emojis are now more racially diverse: icons showing two people can now be given different skin tones, providing more interracial visibility.

The otter community will also get some fun representation, as an otter has been introduced into the line of animal emojis, along with a flamingo, sloth, and skunk.

A wide range of emojis will also be added with the next update, including an ice cube, a white heart, a waffle, and Saturn. However, once again, a trans flag is not on the list, despite campaigning from the trans community. Currently, Android users can use the flag as a workaround on WhatsApp.