Apps to Help You Become One

We’ve said it once and will repeat it again: there’s an app for literally everything! Productivity apps are the new craze and allow you to take on tasks from the palms of your hands. From meditation to mind strengthening quizzes, there’s an abundance of self-control to get you in touch with your inner being! Here are our top picks and they’re all free!



Mornings are meant for peace and quiet, but we sometimes can get distracted while trying to get ready for a busy work day. The morning rush can cause more stress that carries into the rest of our day. The Calm App enables you to enjoy all of the benefits of meditation programs to help you become one as your morning begins. Each program is accompanied by serene sounds from nature to specialized soundtracks.



Need a reminder of what the positives happening your life? The Gratitude App is a private journal that allows you to be grateful during your day and become more mindful. From daily inspirational quotes to writing your own daily affirmations, it’s the perfect way to remind yourself just what’s going right in your life.



Need some mental stimulation during your day? Lumosity provides free brain training programs to help you acquire knowledge and learning about how you think. These comprehensive brain training programs are designed to test your critical thinking, memory, and problem-solving skills. Tests only take minutes of your time allowing you to get the perfect mental stimulation while on a quick work break.



If you have difficulty focusing on the task at hand, take a break and download the HeadSpace App. It teaches you the art of meditation to connect your mind, body, and soul. The app walks you through the ins and outs of meditation for ten days, and afterward, you choose from a handful of different sessions depending on needs.



Need some accountability to help you complete tasks in time? The Forest App works on a technique named Pomodoro which breaks down listed tasks using a timer on a frequent interval. The app creates a virtual tree that grows with the task, but if you touch your phone before the task session is up, the tree dies. Don’t fret though, it’s not as gloomy as it sounds! This app helps keep you focused on work and stay away from distractions on your phone like social media or checking emails. The app allows you to focus on and divide up tasks to ensure you’re getting enough breaks in between to complete each one efficiently.