Deep South Biscuit Co.

Atlanta food truck finds abound no matter what time of day or night

Atlanta has a wealth of great food. Sometimes it just so happens to be served out of a truck. I ate breakfast to dinner to midnight snack from the traveling cooks all around the city. Check out some of the best dishes for each meal and where to find them.

Crepe MastersBreakfast: Crepe Masters

Crepe Masters pop up at farmers’ markets and events cooking savory, sweet and breakfast crepes to order. They fold your crepe into a paper cone right off the skillet. I ordered the eggs florentine crepe stuffed with spinach, provolone, mushrooms and pesto sauce. You look like you’re holding a giant waffle cone, but the crepes are delicious and filling hot food.

King of PopsMorning Snack: King of Pops

You’ve seen their ubiquitous carts with the rainbow umbrellas all around town and even indoors. King of Pops lets you choose from creamy or fruity flavors. I went with raspberry lime. The pops are never bland or watery. There isn’t much lime, but it’s still full of flavor.

Lunch: Yumbii

Yumbii is known for combining Mexican and Asian cuisines. They offer tacos, rice bowls and crazy-sounding nachos with cucumber kimchi. I ordered two stir-fried tofu tacos. All tacos are seasoned with “red Asian BBQ” sauce. It has just the right amount of spice for a wannabe like myself. If only I hadn’t had to fight through so much lettuce to reach my tofu.

Little Tart BakeshopDessert: Little Tart Bakeshop

The Little Tart Bakeshop can also be found at pop-up farmers’ markets in the city. They specialize in flaky, glazed pastries and lovingly made tarts. I ordered a small almond cake. It may not be flashy, but it is so buttery and dense, you can’t help being impressed.

The PickleMid-Day Snack: The Pickle

The Pickle’s menu is a jumble of comfort foods. They have cajun beans and rice, quesadillas, crab cake sandwiches and even barbecue. I was drawn to the paper sign for “homemade lavender berry-limeade.” It’s so pink that you might expect Minute Maid sugar levels, but it’s surprisingly light tasting. I’m told it has a mixture of raspberries, blackberries and strawberries. I swear I can taste all of the above and the lavender flavor underneath.

Mix'D Up BurgerDinner: Mix’D Up Burger

They’re styled as rock’n’roll gourmet burgers. I order a Santa Fe: black bean burger with pico de gallo, cheese, ancho mayo and avocado puree. It may look sloppy, but this burger was just right. You could see the actual ingredients in the patty instead of a pureed mass. The outside of the burger also had the best charred texture. Even the bread was delicious.

Deep South Biscuit Co.Late Night Snack: Deep South Biscuit Co.

Deep South Biscuit Co. might be the best post-bar snack. They serve cathead biscuits with delicious sweet-salty flavor combos. I tried the Southern Buddha biscuit. This has two fried green tomatoes plus goat cheese, homemade pimento cheese, peach-pepper jam and aioli. It’s impossible to fit into one bite. When you do though, it’s worth your while. The fried green tomatoes had a great crunch and the biscuit crumbled in the best way.