Atlanta lesbian duo ‘Bria And Chrissy’ bring musical humor to YouTube

When Chick-Fil-A CEO Dan Cathy created a firestorm with his comments admitting guilt in his opposition to gay marriage several weeks ago, the girls admit, “We got inspired when it happened. We wrote a song about how we were feeling. We didn’t expect it to have the kind of response that it had.”

The kind of response that “Dear Chick-Fil-A (Because I’m a Homosexual)” had was over 40,000 views. Bria notes,“It really kind of blew up. We then realized that we really could make a difference and reach a lot of people. We just decided to let our voices be heard and keep going with it.”

In addition to the wildly popular video about Chick-Fil-A, the girls followed up with the released of a video titled “Legitimate Rape Song” (Thank-you Todd Akin)” which enjoyed about 57,000 views.

With lyrics like “I’m a lesbian, all my rapes are legitimate,” the clever new video continued to propel the popularity of the BriaAndChrissy YouTube channel and their subscriber base increased to nearly 1,000.

Released this week, their most recent video, titled “Republican Convention 2012 Song (Someone Gets to Be a Dad),” depicts Ann and Mitt Romney at the Republican National Convention addressing things such as Paul Ryan, taxes, and getting elected.

The big joke in the video, however, deals with the elephant in the (convention) room: the new Republican platform that calls for a constitutional amendment banning all abortions.


“We’re doing everything we can
to get abortions banned.
Now we’ve gotta take a stand.
Girls today are out of hand.
Rape is bad but at least someone gets to be a dad.”

In barely over 24 hours, the video has skyrocketed to nearly 3,000 views and the adoration is clear in the comments. “Be my best friends. I love you girls so much” and “I like them!!! These flaming homosexuals are the best!”

With encouragement and outreach from their fans, the girls have no plans to slow down their newfound outreach. They are currently working on a special song to be released in conjunction for National Coming Out Day.


Top photo: Bria and Chrissy (via YouTube)