Atlanta’s queer ‘Magick Cool Bus’ drives to be a revolution on wheels

Vale is also asking the community to put the pedal to the metal and help raise $5,000 to make the dream a reality. However, if the total $5,000 is not raised, what money there is will be divided between Atlanta’s queer youth-led organization JustUs ATL and The Generation Foundation, a “non-profit that assists with the creation of community projects in the southeast.”

From the Magick Cool Bus fundraising website:

Our vision is to co-create a mobile base to empower queer artists, activists and dreamers with an affordable, safe, non-corporate way to travel, that will enhance existing queer communities in the Southeast and beyond. Through cross-pollination, resource exchange, and collaborative experience, our magical bus will give LGBTQIA folk from across the country opportunities to access safer sex supplies, swap fashionz, access materials and books from other locales, and attend fabulous workshops, events and skill-shares.

Together, we can create an innovative portal of collaborative culture that facilitates systemic transformation and challenges what we imagine to be possible.

In order to bring this dream to life, our collaborative of amazing queerdo activists are currently raising $5000 for the purchase of a passenger bus suitable for conversion into a mobile living space with room for at least 8 passengers.

Together we could transport a gaggle of queers at the drop of a fashionable, glittery hat. Want to teleport awesome queer performers to a event across the country? Let’s blast off! Want to help carless queers spend a weekend in the woods to recover from the insanity of city life? Not a problem. Want to help a bunch of queer youth safely and securely arrive at major conference to help develop skills for the future? In the words of Ms. Frizzle: “bus, do your stuff!”

Young queer activists need to be exposed to the broader world to learn more and other people as well as themselves, Vale said. And the Magick Cool Bus will take them there.

Check out a video that explains more of what the Magick Cool Bus hopes to do:

Photo: Lucian Vale, aka Mx. Drizzle, is heading up an effort to raise $5,000 to buy a passenger bus to be a resource to the queer community. (via YouTube)