Founded as a forum for black gay men, Second Sunday hosts a discussion on ‘Visible Lives’ that is open to everyone

Author James Earl Hardy visits Second Sunday

Second Sunday began back in 1992, to provide a space for black gay men to gather for discussion and empowerment. Almost 20 years later,  the group still lives up to its slogan of “Real Brothers, Real Talk, Real Change.”

Today, Second Sunday moves to the Fulton County Library and stresses that it is open to everyone, regardless of sex or race, with a  special program titled “Visible Lives.”

The event is a discussion with authors James Earl Hardy and Stanley Bennett Clay, hosted by journalist Anare Holmes.

“Visible Lives: Three Stories in Tribute to E. Lynn Harris,” which was released June 1, collects new novellas from Hardy, Clay and Terrance Dean in honor of the late, groundbreaking gay author who died suddenly last year at the age of only 54.

Hardy’s books include the six volumes of the B-Boy Blues series, exploring black gay urban life.

“I never intended to write a series. ‘B-Boy’ was supposed to be the only novel but my characters took off and now have a life of their own. A lot of people believe that I’m “Little Bit” and Tyson Beckford is Raheim. That’s the rumor out there. But that’s a rumor I can live with,” Hardy told AOL’s Black Voices in a 2005 interview.

Clay is the author of “Looker” and “In Search of Pretty Young Men.”

Second Sunday
Sunday, June 13, 2–7 p.m.
Fulton County Central Library
1 Margaret Mitchell Square
Atlanta, GA 30303