Billy Porter Brings Iconic Oscars Suit Dress to Sesame Street

Billy Porter, along with his iconic tuxedo gown from last year’s Oscars, will be making an appearance in season 51 of the classic children’s show Sesame Street.

The show shared the news on Instagram and Twitter with photos of Porter and some of the most well-known Sesame Street characters and sets (including Elmo in a matching tuxedo and Big Bird’s nest).

“An iconic day with an iconic person,” they wrote on Twitter. “Billy Porter bringing those fierce vibes to Sesame Street for Season 51,” the popular show also said on Instagram.

“Y’all talk about iconic,” Porter wrote on Twitter in response. “I was ticked to meet Elmo and the gang at Sesame Street.”

While the majority of responses to the news were positive, there were expectedly a number that were negative, with some saying they wouldn’t allow their children (or themselves) to watch the show anymore.

However, one Twitter user succinctly shut those commenters down.

Others thanked Sesame Street for the inclusivity.

Specifics regarding the air date of Porter’s episode have yet to be confirmed by Sesame Street.