Chicago Bulls player forgets Kobe lesson, uses anti-gay slur during playoff game

If recent events provide any foresight, Noah can expect a hefty fine from the NBA. A suspension is unlikely, based on how the NBA treated a similar situation with Kobe Bryant at the end of the regular season.

Bryant, one of the sport’s biggest stars, hurled an anti-gay slur toward an official on April 12 after disagreeing with a call. Bryant and Noah appeared to use the same slur. The NBA acted quite quickly on the Bryant situation and will probably do the same with Noah. We’ll see what Commissioner David Stern has in store.

The NBA has taken homophobia and bullying seriously recently and has even created an ad campaign in conjunction with GLSEN and the Ad Council called “Think Before You Speak” that debuted earlier this year.

Here’s a PSA that ran last night during the game (ironic?) featuring players Grant Hill and Jared Dudley.


Top photo: Chicago Bulls Center Joakim Noah (via