Eddie Long’s alleged fifth sex scandal accuser bursts out of closet

Kemp bragged about hooking up with men online but said he always uses a condom — except once. He also acknowledged he had never had sex with a woman and that, well, he is a versatile lover.

Kemp steered clear of discussing Eddie Long, who settled four lawsuits in May brought by four young men who alleged the high-profile preacher used his power as their minister to coerce them into sexual relationships. As part of the settlement agreement, nobody involved is allowed to discuss publicly what occurred. How much Long settled for is also unknown.

Kemp never sued Long, but he was believed to have played a significant role in the final negotiations. He does have “Eddie Long” tattooed to his wrist with the words beneath stating “Never A Mistake, Always A Lesson.”

While there were plenty of Eddie Long jokes on the show, Burruss also questioned Kemp about his sex life.

“So you play the quarterback and the catcher?” asked Burruss at one point.

“I want to fuck too,” Kemp answered.

Kemp also said he has never had sex with a woman.

Burruss asked Kemp about the anti-gay sentiment of many people living in the Bahamas, where Kemp is from originally.

“They are. But you know what’s the funny part … if your dude can’t stand to be around a gay person, he gay … because they don’t want to get outed,” Kemp said.

That led Burruss to remember Long’s march through Atlanta to protest, among other things, gay marriage. Kemp avoided that discussion by scooting off the couch and off camera.

Kemp also admitted that he has never been with a man who didn’t date women.

“Every guy I’ve ever been with in my entire life was married or had a girlfriend,” he said.

Burruss said she’s known Kemp, an aspiring singer, before the news of his alleged involvement in the Long scandal broke.

Kemp is currently plugging his song, “Pornography,” available on iTunes.

And while there were plenty of Eddie Long jokes as part of the show, Kemp showed no signs of remorse or sympathy — he laughed right along with everyone.

“Who was licking the booty in that relationship — you or the bishop?” Burruss joked with Kemp, who just smiled and scooted off the couch again.

Burruss’ show was broadcast via Ustream live on Wednesday and there is an archive of the show here.

The show, however, is more than an hour and 20 minutes long. For some of the more interesting conversation, check in at about the 45:33 minute mark.


Top photo: Centino Kemp (via Lockerz.com)